Sunday, 5 May 2013

Replica PERFECT Jordan 11

if you want to get the

Perfect repica Air Jordan 11 Shoes

just go to to this site for the cheapest price and perfect quality:

for other  colours go to:



 Great value and quality for such a cheap price.The quality is very good, it is clean and it is  PERFECT and put together well. The soles are stuck with good glue and the stitching is very good. It looks very similar to the original and since it is perfect it looks authentic.


Jumpman logo sewn on the side.
The toe box is firm and keeps its shape.
There is a mesh upper for comfort.
There is a long tong.
Comdfortable interior.
Jumpman on sole

Overall: the quality is AAA PERFECT (99.9%) so it is very very very close to the authentic.


The price is from $55 and for such good quality, it is an excellent price because it is basically the original shoe. See for yourself. If you are a subscribed to the Youtube channel then you can contact them to get a discount on your order too!

Video review

If you want to see for yourself the details of the shoe then look at the video.

Don't forget to comment rate and subscribe to the channel for a chance to win a FREE pair of shoes!

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